Greensteds International School
Jul 5, 2015


We wish you all the best @JoyHannah98 and will miss you too as well! Glad you enjoyed your stay here..
2015-06-30 15:42:38
RT @w_maloba: @Greenstedsschoo on YOLO @KTNKenya Lipala festival.
2015-06-29 08:55:01
RT @kenyanschools: A child without education is like a bird without wings -Tibetan Proverb
2015-06-22 09:26:33
#GreenstedsCareers Some advice for students joining Sixth Form next year...No.10 is a classic!
2015-06-11 12:30:25
A recent #TBT The Greensteds Team during #RhinoCharge Cc @Rhino_Charge @w_maloba @RhinoArk
2015-06-11 12:09:02
#Greenstedscareers CNN: Spaceports and sky farms: Is this how we'll live in 100 years?
2015-06-02 12:07:05