Greensteds International School
Oct 7, 2015
Boarding Life at Greensteds School

Although there are a significant number of Greensteds students who travel to school each day from Nakuru and the surrounding area, (the school provides a daily bus service to/ from Nakuru Town). The majority of the pupils here at Greensteds are full-time boarders, with some also boarding weekly.
Boarding life has lots of benefits and the fact that students remain on site allows them to really take advantage of everything the school has on offer especially longer hours of sport, drama, music, President’s Award, weekend hikes and biking, student support clinics and other co-curricular activities.
Each boarding house (or Dorm) aims to create an atmosphere where pupils can fulfill their academic potential, but also relax and feel ‘at home’. Many students form close long lasting friendships with their fellow boarders and the boarding houses are generally very happy places.
The boarding houses are all on the main Greensteds school campus, but with boys at one end of the site and girls at the other!! The size of the boarding houses varies.  
We now boast an ultra-modern dormitory, (Kinangop) that has been occupied this term (September 2013). It houses boys from year 10, 11 and 12. We found it prudent for the bigger boys to be separated from year 7, 8 and 9, who still occupy the Senior Boys’ Dorm. This way each group enjoys the freedom and space they need. The form 6 have their own dorm, apart from everyone else.

Dorm Staff
All Dorms have a resident Dorm Tutor who is in overall charge of the dorm, and two Assistant Dorm Tutors who live close by. Dorm Tutors are usually members of the school teaching staff. They oversee students’ pastoral needs and keep an eye on their academic progress. Each Dorm also has a resident Matron who is a very important figure and oversees the day-to-day running of the Dorm. Dorm Staff aim to work closely with parents to ensure that each pupil is well cared for and is enabled to reach their full potential.
The school has a well stocked 24 hour sanatorium that is manned by two fully trained nurses. They attend to minor cases and refer the more serious ones to some of the best hospitals around. We also have a medical doctor seeing the students once every week.

Susan Sangoro – Head of dorm, A-Level Girls’

Sarah Bowers – Assistant Dorm Tutor

Matron Phyllis


Anne Maina – Head of dorm, Senior and Junior Girls’ dorm

Shadia Abaker – Assistant

Karen Mutuku – Assistant (Might change quite soon)

Matron Mary – Senior

Matron Florence – Junior


John Kimani - Head of dorm, Year 13 dorm

Anthony Chege – Assistant

Matron Jane Nyaga


Samuel Maloba - Head of dorm, Senior Boys’ dorm

Domingo Mulengwa – Assistant

Matron Anne


Wilson Mwangi - Head of dorm, Junior Boys’ dorm

Etienne Mangala – Assistant

Matron Elizabeth


Samuel K. Mwangi – Head of dorm, Kinangop dorm

Oliver Ommotto – Assistant

Francis O’Palla – Assistant

Matron Jane Muthoni and Matron Jane Wangui

Dorm Facilities and Services

All Dorms have a common room area where the students can relax and watch TV or play a game of pool, Table Tennis or a board game. Some of the Dorms for older students also have kitchen areas. All Dorms have ample hot showers (in separate cubicles), wash basins and flush toilets, (there are also urinals in the Boy’s Dorms). Dorms provide a Dhobie Service and each day clothes are washed, ironed and returned to the students. Dorm Tutors also provide a banking service whereby pupils can deposit their pocket money. Pupils in Years 7 – 13 are provided with keys for their rooms.

Boarders all eat meals together in the main dining hall, and the Junior pupils are supervised by Matrons / Teaching Staff during this time. Lunch for the Sixth Form is served in the Sixth Form Centre on weekdays.

Prep Times
Prep time is an important part of Dorm life. This is time which is supervised by a member of staff and all pupils are expected to quietly get on with the Prep work (homework) they have been set by their subject teachers. Junior School pupils (up to Year 6) have Prep in a classroom on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for one hour. All other pupils have prep every evening for two hours, (Y7 and 8 an hour and a half) from Monday to Friday and also on Sunday mornings. Year 7–11 students do Prep in their rooms and Years 12 and 13 may work in their rooms or the Library or IT Labs. This supervised prep time helps pupils to revisit what they covered in the lesson and boost their academic performance.