Junior School Poetry Competition Wows Audience

Junior School Poetry Competition Wows Audience

Samuel Taylor Coleridge once stated: ‘I wish our clever young poets would remember- poetry (is the) best words in the best order.’ Well this term Greensteds saw its share of clever young poets whose challenge was to remember those very same ‘best words’ in their ‘best order’. I must say, even Coleridge would have been proud.

The event, organised by Miss Peters, was a fantastic celebration of poetry that saw every single Junior School member memorising a poem, and twenty one junior students performing for their houses. It was an incredible feat of achievement, realised with such pleasure and fun. I had the privilege of opening the event with a comic poem by John Cooper-Clarke, and was followed by five students from the Senior School who had worked with Ms. Abdallah to prepare for the event.

Next, the professionals took to the stage… The audience of parents, teachers and Junior School students were knocked for six by the skill of the Junior School performers. From comedy performances to moving poems about national pride, the recitals had it all. Miss Kwambo’s environmental club even made a guest performance whilst the judges deliberated, complete with audience participation!

The winners of the competition in age order were: Nina with ‘It’s Time to Say Goodbye’; Dwayne with ‘The Fly’; Dia with ‘I am Phillipino’; Amanda with ‘The Baby of the Family’; Jollyne with ‘An Alien Stole My Underpants’ and Riana with ‘From a Railway Carriage’.

Congratulations to them all for their inspiring performances. I am certain they will continue to delight audiences with their confidence and skill in future.

If, as Baudelaire once said, ‘dancing is poetry with arms and legs’, then the hall was full of superb dancing this morning. For sure.