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Drama is a highly valued aspect of education. It is a powerful teaching and learning tool as well as a subject with profound positive effects on a student’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. At Greensteds, every student is encouraged to take part, both onstage and offstage, and there are plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents at a variety of shows and productions.

Students learn and acquire immense skills that will be extremely useful later in life. These skills are in team-work, leadership, creative problem solving, listening, confident speaking and creating/delivering work to a specific audience. Students learn specific skills linked to historical and cultural contexts, to prepare them to become performers, critics, makers and audiences of the future. It also encourages their personal and cultural development.

Early Years and Junior School

Within Early Years and Primary school, children use a combination of English, Art, Music, Dance and Drama to develop their creative talents and imagination. It is a multi-sensory mode of learning that engages mind, body, senses, and emotions to create personal connections to the material that improve comprehension and retention. Therefore, at this stage, drama and role-play is used to help the pupils develop skills like creativity, inquiry, communication, empathy and self-confidence. Pupils also take part in school assemblies and whole school productions.

Senior School

As students move into Secondary School, Drama follows a more structured approach and is delivered as a subject. In Years 7 – 9 (Key Stage 3) pupils receive one hour of Drama per week. In these lessons they learn specific skills, acquire knowledge and understanding of dramatic concepts that enable them to demonstrate and develop personal performance abilities. The topics incorporated for students in years 7 -9 include theatrical genres, social issues and plays. In Year 9, students create, write and act both scripted and devised plays in groups using the acting skills and techniques learned throughout KS 3. In a Do It Yourself project, students have the opportunity to learn and examine group dynamics which lead to the acquisition of skills like leadership, decision making and conflict resolution.

At Greensteds, Drama is a subject that your child can opt for at IGCSE and pursue it as Drama and Theatre at A level as a subject. The benefits of regular theatre arts instruction spill over into all school subjects and everyday life. Our programs balance a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject and help to develop the skills learners need for their next steps in education or employment.

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