Science Week: ‘It’s The Best!

Science Week: ‘It’s The Best!

Science Week is Greensteds’ annual celebration of Science, in which students from Years 5 – 9 compete for their house. This year, students worked within their year groups to carry out and evaluate a variety of experiments.

This year’s overall winner was Batian House, who conducted a range of experiments such as: How Much Mass Can an Egg Withstand and Does Listening to Music Affect Concentration? In a speech to students, Mr. Pearce (Head of Science), stated that the effort from all participants ‘was phenomenal’. The students had great fun conducting and presenting their investigations. Natasha from Year 5 was so excited for the day that she woke up at 4am. She says that she enjoyed the week because ‘when you experiment, you get the real answers’.

Eva Maria told reporters that the week was enjoyable because ‘we learn to work…as a team’. Rianna was more excited about learning ‘to outdo the competition.’ However, one student had a more cynical view of the proceedings, commenting, ‘we learnt how to bribe judges properly’.

Her wishes to remain anonymous have been respected, thanks to a large number of toffees exchanging hands! It wasn’t just the Year 5s who were excited by the practical and competitive application of science. Melissa from Year 8 said, It was lit! Her classmate Ashney commented, It’s so exciting! Maryanne said, The Science Fair is a time to learn. The enthusiasm and co-operation of students from all the year groups involved made the day a great success.

Bhuvan’s Story

One student, Bhuvan, whose New Year’s Resolution was to go to Mars, had an unexpected role this year in Science Week. His group was experimenting with how much weight an egg could withstand and reached a sticking point when their egg proved more than a match for their many weighted containers. One student told the story:

We put all the water bottles on it and still it wouldn’t break so we put our classmate on it.

Like the true scientist he is, Bhuvan explained the moment clearly to our reporters:

They told me to step on it and then it broke. I felt a tingle in my toes.

His team was very grateful for his important role in making their experiment a success. However, Bhuvan has said that he wouldn’t consider taking part in the science fair again as part of the apparatus. He preferred his other role as a scientist.


Shock Discovery

Despite all the fun of the fair, Greensteds’ conspiracy theorists and political activists were up in arms on Saturday when two groups of Year 5 scientists claimed that Nelion students have an advantage in sport. The results of their experiment suggested that Nelion’s yellow t-shirt would help students to stay cooler in the sunlight than Kibo’s red or Batian’s dreaded dark blue! Further to this, scientist Valini stated, ‘warm colours often evoke feelings of happiness and energy’, perhaps furthering the advantage of Nelion’s sunshine yellow clan. As of yet, Mr. Murray-Walker has made no comment.