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Welcome to Greensteds Early Years

We have a happy, welcoming, homely, and secure environment in which children quickly settle in and are excited at the idea of coming to school. During their time in the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), children will grow in confidence, become more independent, and lay down the foundations of their education.

At Greensteds Early Years, we greatly value the strong positive relationships that will be established with the children in our setting and with their families. Children’s emotional development and wellbeing are an essential foundation for their health, happiness, and ability to learn. Staff will get to know your children well, become attuned to their likes and dislikes, attitudes and preferences, and will provide them with particular support at key times, e.g. when they join the setting, whenever they make a transition and whenever there has been a significant event in their lives.

We follow the revised English EYFS framework, providing a curriculum full of activities, themes, and real-life experiences that motivate the children and provide a solid base for their future learning and development. At Greensteds Early Years we will employ a range of different teaching techniques that enable children to experience all aspects of the prime and core areas of learning. We believe that there should be a balance between child-initiated and adult-led learning; this ensures that there are opportunities for both purposeful learning and the discrete teaching and application of skills, as well as opportunities for children to explore, create and play. We acknowledge the central role of child-initiated learning in the education of the young child and we ensure that provision for learning through play forms part of our daily experiences. For specific aspects of learning, we believe that adult-led activities, small group work, paired learning, and whole-class learning offer children the opportunity to develop and enhance their understanding, knowledge, and skills.

Classroom layouts are planned across the various areas of learning which include indoor and outdoor areas such as book corners, maths blocks, puzzles, sand and water play, and role-playing. A carpet area is provided for working with the entire class and for activities such as storytelling and having circle time.

We provide our pupils with an environment that enables them to thrive both in intellectual and social skills. The emphasis is on the play and learning through doing. EYFS is full of fun and creativity!

Learning is organized in three-class settings namely:-

  • Playgroup (Age 1 by 31st August)
  • Crèche (Age 1 by 31st August)
  • Nursery (Age 1 by 31st August)
  • Reception (Age 1 by 31st August)

For any inquiries call the hotline: +254(770)-076271