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The Greensteps programme

Greensteps is an extra-curricular program of physical, environmental, social, community, charity and academic activities. It takes a holistic approach to education and aims to supplement students’ classroom-based learning and development. Greensteps promotes initiative, teamwork, leadership, cultural awareness and environmental responsibility.

Who is involved in Greensteps?

All students at Greensteds, from the nursery to the Sixth form, are involved in Greensteps, and the program is well supported and run by the Staff team. There are compulsory activities for everyone, as well as extra opportunities for those who want to challenge themselves further.

Through Greensteps the school has developed productive partnerships with organizations such as Kenya Wildlife Service, Kamili Trust and Born Free.

What activities are involved in Greensteps?

The Greensteps program is diverse and includes annual events as well as regular activities throughout the year. Academic residential visits such as Geography field trips are also part of Greensteps.

Why is Greensteps important?

Greensteps helps students to develop leadership skills and fosters an attitude of endeavor and fortitude, which are essential for thriving in the world outside of school. These skills cannot be learned exclusively in a classroom. By involving students in local and national community projects and environmental activities Greensteps encourages students to be responsible citizens.

For any inquiries call the hotline: +254(770)-076271